Same Day Crowns Created by Our E4D CAD/CAM Milling Machine

With the help of restorative dental crowns, we're able to encase the entire visible portion of your tooth to protect it from any further decay or damage. The crown that's personally created and placed on top looks and acts just like your natural surrounding teeth.


If you tooth is damaged, broken, or decayed to the extent that fillings will not be effective, the next step is a dental crown. With this protective shell surrounding the tooth, we're able to strengthen your smile and improve its overall appearance. The necessity of a crown is more than just fixing the way your tooth looks - it's to protect your smile! A broken, decayed tooth exposes the nerves and tissues of the inside of your mouth, which are extremely vulnerable to infection. By placing a crown, we're assisting in the protection against infections and disease.


Dr. Cappetta takes it another step further by creating same day dental crowns. You'll only need to visit our office once so we can create and place your new and improved smile!


Benefits of Our Same Day Crowns

• Time: We know how valuable your time is, which is why we utilize this technology to quickly but efficiently give you the smile you deserve.

• Money: Our chairside same day crowns save you money by eliminating multiple visits or paying for a temporary crown.

• Comfort: Without having to deal with a temporary crown, patients will be immediately fitted with a personalized and customized crown that's comfortable and made to perfectly fit their smile.


Call our office at (314) 862-7007 to schedule your appointment for our same day crowns today!

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