Botox and Juvederm

What is Botox?
This FDA-approved treatment can be utilized to enhance one’s appearance cosmetically or treat various dental issues. Botox is most commonly known for its ability to soften facial lines and wrinkles, producing a younger appearance. A controlled solution is injected with a thin needle into the desired area. The injection procedure typically takes about 15-20 minutes. The pain associated is minor and results last up to 5 months.
Botox injections have found great success in relieving facial and jaw pain associated with Bruxism and TMJ. This procedure can also be utilized during denture adjustments, lip augmentations, and the treatment of high lip line cases.
What is Juvederm?
This cosmetic treatment is also referred to as a filler. We'll restore facial features and improve any signs of aging in particular places. The areas on the face that are most common are the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth to get rid of the wrinkles and age lines. This minimally invasive procedure is so frequently done that it can be completed on the same day as your consultation, depending on your comfort level and your discussion with our team.
To learn more about these services, give our office a call at (314) 862-7007 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Cappetta.
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